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1:48 AM

Forever In My Memory - Song Fic - Award winning

Watching every motion

In my foolish lover's game

   I love watching his moves in the ring.  So swift and quick like no other.  I just stare at the monitor watching every move and expression that crosses his face.

On this endless ocean

Finally lovers know no shame

    I watch him as he comes backstage and see him look at me sideways and I blush knowing just by the look in his eyes that he wants me to follow him.

Turning and returning

To some secret place inside

    I look around me to see if anyone is watching as I walk to a locker room.  I see him standing there waiting for me.  He is standing there with his back to me as I walk towards him.

Watching in slow motion

As you turn around and say

    He turns around and says, "I was hoping you would come.  I can't stop thinking about you.  I know I shouldn't given my past but I can't help it."

    I reply, "I don't care about your past.  All I care about is the here and now.  I can't stop thinking about you either.  I want this as much as you do."

    He pulls me to him crushing his mouth to mine.

Take my breath away

Take my breath away

    When he pulled away I had to catch my breath the kiss was so powerful.  He slowly starts to remove my clothes caressing my skin as it comes into view.  After he has taken all my clothes off he starts to undress himself.

Watching I keep waiting

Still anticipating love

    I just watch him knowing what was to come and my body was responding as his skin is slowly revealed to me.

Never hesitating

To become the fated ones

    He pulls me to him taking me in a brutally passionate kiss.  Moving us over to the couch as he continues to ravage my mouth with his.  He lays me down on the couch and I look at him as he lowers himself over me and slowly enters me completely.  I arch my hips to bring deeper into me as I moan.  He thrusts harder and faster with each stroke until I feel my walls start to contract around him.  I fall over the edge with him following just after me.

Turning and returning

To some secret place to hide

    I cuddle up with him as our bodies calm down.  His love making was always so powerful and fulfilling.  His main objective to bring me as much pleasure as possible.

Watching in slow motion

As you turn to me and say

    He says softly, "I love you."

    I reply, "I love you too."

    He takes me in another breathtaking kiss.  Afterwards we pull ourselves together and slip out of the room separately so no one will know what is going on between us.

Take my breath away

    As I head out to my car I think about our time together.  No one understands what we are together.  I'm suddenly woken up by a loud noise realizing that it's my alarm clock.

    I knew what today was and I was not looking forward to it.  It was hard enough when I heard the news and now I had to live through it.

Through the hourglass I saw you

In time you slipped away

    When I first heard the news I broke down and cried for what seemed like days.  I couldn't believe that you were gone.  As I was crying I felt a presence and look up to see you standing before me.

when the mirror crashed I called you

And turned to hear you say

If only for today

I am unafraid

    He says, "I will be in your heart forever.  As you will be in mine.  I will be watching over you for the rest of your life."

    He leans down and I could feel his kiss on my lips.

Take my breath away

    I just go through the motions of the day not paying anyone any mind.  They offer their support and condolences but they mean very little as the man I loved is gone.

Watching every motion

In this foolish lover's game

Haunted by the notion

    I will be haunted by you for the rest of my life.  I will never be able to find another like you nor do I want to.

Somewhere there's a love in flames

Turning and returning

to some secret place inside

    I know I can always look back on the memories of our time together.  I can always go inside myself and think of all the good times.  As they lower the coffin I see you before me again just smiling the smile that I loved to see.

Watching in slow motion

As you turn my way and say

    He says, "Remember Lita, I will always love you.  Never ever forget that.  I want you to be happy and move on.  I don't want you to end up lonely."

    I reply, "I love you too.  As long as you are always with me I won't be lonely.  I don't want to move on.  I can't move on without you."

    I can feel people staring at me thinking I'm going crazy.  That's what they may think, but they don't know everything.  He kisses me one last time before fading into my memory.

Take my breath away

    I hear behind me, "Mrs. Copeland, the limo is waiting for you."

    I turn and see the priest behind me.  I just nod to him as I stand up and walk towards the black limo waiting for me.  I get in and the driver closes the door behind me.  We start driving away as I look one last time at the cemetary where my precious husband will forever be.




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